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Respect the Space

Disabled Parking Volunteer Application*

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Click Here to Report Disabled Parking Abuse/Accessibility Compliance

Frequently Asked Questions

Special Operations/DPE

Sgt. Alan Redd
(512) 854-9100

DPE Hot Line - (512) 854-5888

Become a DPE Volunteer

Those who are interested in becoming citizen volunteers may obtain an application HERE or by calling the Precinct 5 office at 512-854-5888.

To become a DPE Volunteer with Travis County Constable, Precinct 5:
• You must be a U.S. citizen
• Have no Class B or above felony convictions
• Complete Travis County’s four-hour interactive training

*Volunteer applications are accepted all year round and training is offered throughout the year so you can get started quickly.

Constable Lopez meeting with DPE volunteers

While parking illegally in disabled parking spaces might not rate as the most serious of criminal offenses, violators who can walk a few extra feet to enter a business are often obstructing access for those who cannot. Good citizenship requires that we all do our part to ensure that the rights of those with physical disabilities are respected and protected.