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Stop Domestic Violence in Travis County

Domestic Violence Resources

Web videos and resource contacts for Protective Orders, Shelter, Support and Counseling

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Remember, your computer may be monitored by your abuser. Be safe - call for immediate help, or use a friend's or a public library's computer to access the videos, contact numbers, and web pages listed on our resource page link.

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Last year, nearly 200,000 Texans were victims of domestic violence. Many more cases go unreported. Are you among them? What does domestic violence look like? It takes many forms, but here are some classic behaviors an abuser will use to keep you under his/her control.

Isolates you from family and friends
Threatens or intimidates you and others
Harms you physically or verbally abuses you
Undermines your self worth
Reminds you that you deserve whatever happens to you
Tells you what to think, say, wear, or do
Scares you into silence

If there is abuse and you are in immediate danger, dial 911.

If you find yourself in a relationship that is confusing or hurtful or you suspect a loved one might be in an abusive relationship - help does exist. Our resource page can help lead you in the right direction.